Welcome to our NEW VENTURE:

By now you know the store is no more.  Lots of things
in life change on a dime and you must be able to adapt
with those changes. Those that know me know I look
for Plan B & roll with the flow.  That Flow has led me
into continuing with our awesome Retreats 4 times a
year at Mitchell Resort & RV Park.  These are always
crazy good fun round the clock. Dates for the next two
retreats are: Sept 15-18 & Nov 3-6. Click here for our
facebook page for all the info.

And That Flow has led me to hosting monthly Crops at
Mitchell's. These crops have turned into some
WonDerFul Saturdays with old friends & new friends
coming together and creating everything from
scrapbook layouts to Junktique repurposing of crazy
finds.  We all share a dish or two and we eat some.
really. good. cooking. the. entire. time! You really
should join us.  Get your name on our list today on the
Facebook page or email me at catbeaty@sbcglobal.net.

The masses have continued to ask for Classes so I shall
provide. We always offer classes at our NSD CatVention
in May and now we will add classes to the mix
periodically throughout the year. Watch for new info for
classes here, the blog and on Facebook.  

There is always lots of laughter, pranks and just plain
old FUN happening along with so much creativity!
Cat's Crafty Retreats,
Crops & Events
Cat's is proud to be a member of Maps2Memories, the nationwide
listing for all your local scrapbook stores.  Be sure to check out their
website and enter in their drawings for great prizes.  All you need is
a receipt from Cat's.  
For the latest info on Events check out the Facebook link:  Follow & Like us on Facebook
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Click the Event Name to be directed to the page for all the scoop for each one.

Saturday, September 10, Pot Luck Crop
Retreat September 15-18   Lance Anderson is teaching on Thursday Night and Friday Morning!!!
Saturday, October 1st 10am-10pm Pot Luck Crop
Christmas Craft Weekend at Raylines, October 21-23
Retreat November 3-6
Saturday, December 3rd, Pot Luck Crop
The bus to the retreats 4 times a year.  That driver is NOT watching where she is going!
Our retreat venue has LOTS of ROOM. 3 rows of crazy croppers
with their own table cropping for 3-4 days and nites. We now
have the new building to crop in & have classes in. We never
have to leave the building except to go to our cottages to sleep.
Cat's photo albums from our crazy events are in our Shutterfly Share Album.  
click here to see them. We do believe in having FUN while we CREATE!
The Oak Meadow Center has room
enough for 4 rows of croppers and still
have wide aisles. Our NSD spot.
Our Monthly Pot Luck Crops have
the girls loving all the room they
have. Not to mention all the good
food we share.  Just look at all that
We have lotsa NEW
product at each crop,
retreat and event.  Here
they are diving into
Authentique Collections.