Always something new arriving at Cat's--
We want you to have the latest and greatest in new scrapbook product.   Lots of cool
"goodies" are arriving weekly so don't miss out.  See ya at the store!

Welcome to
Cat's Creations Scrapbooks. . .  The fun, fun, fun place to shop &
crop.  Our goal is to have a store where everyone can enjoy themselves while
cropping, find just the right product for all their cropping needs & get all the help they
need for their scrapbook projects. We have the largest selection of embellishments
and paper in the area along with some wonderful albums, tools and basic supplies.  
Our new location is full of inspiration and samples to help your creative juices get
going. Croppers get their own table along with all kinds of craziness.  Enjoy the
courtyard when you need a break from cropping.  

FUN, FUN, FUN is the name of the game at Cat's (not to mention food) so come join
us at one of the crops or many classes.  You can always come by when there is no
scheduled class or crop to hang out and crop.  Lots of the ladies hang out several
days a week while working on their scrapbook projects.  

You just never know what will happen at Cat's--
Cat's Creations Scrapbooks
Open Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5 late on
crop/class nites also. Closed Sunday & Monday
414 SE 1st Street (NEW Address)
Mineral Wells, TX  76067      940-327-0713
"For the Purrrrrfect Scrapbook Supplies!"
Cat's is proud to be a member of Maps2Memories, the nationwide
listing for all your local scrapbook stores.  Be sure to check out their
website and enter in their drawings for great prizes.  All you need is
a receipt from Cat's.  
For the latest pics of new product check out the Facebook link:  Follow & Like us on
Facebook for more fun. . .  Follow our Blog: www.CatsCreationsScrapbooks.blogspot.com

June 27  Window Project  Lance's Window Class was so popular at
NSD that we have had requests to do one here.  Get your windows
from Mark downtown if you don't have one and join us as we make
masterpieces for your windows.  

July 11  
Tag Class--ALL DAY. Starts at 11AM. Nanci is putting 2 classes into 1 day and getting you
jump started for Christmas. Snacks provided.

July 18 Crop 10-10  FREE with $15 minimum purchase

July 25 "
Friends are like Golden Treasure" Album 1pm start, Cost: $30  It's a special album for all those
pics of your bestest friends. The recipe includes a little altered art & mixed media added to chipboard,throw in
gold pages & ribbon to make it really special. Flips, folds, envelopes, you name it and it is in this album. Techniques
along with cuteness--what more could you ask for in an album?  Student Supplies: Basic Tool Kit, Inks
The bus to the retreats 4 times a year.  
That driver is NOT watching where she
is going!
Our retreat venue has LOTS of ROOM. 3 rows of crazy croppers with their
own table cropping for 3-4 days and nites. We now have the new building to
crop in & have classes in. We never have to leave the building except to go
to our cottages to sleep.
We don't even behave with
top name industry
designers.  They actually act
as crazy as we do!
Scrapbook Island
Where you are
voted on but your
teammates CROP
you OUT!
Which one did it with
which scrapbook tool in
what part of the store.  
Not even the murder
knew.  Do you think it
could have been Feather
Boa Fannie?
Cat is the owner of the
store. Not only does she
design classes and come
up with crazy ideas she is
responsible for the
amount of product in the
store.  (Much to Ray's
Nanci is the Creative
aka Cat's
Creative Partner in
awesome classes that are
totally over the top. If you
have not taken one of her
classes you are missing
Valerie--Cat's right hand
.  She does it all, designs
layouts, helps run the store,
works crops and classes,
does make & takes and just
whatever needs to be done.
Marilyn takes care of
store when Cat is gone
and makes layouts for
display.She is also full of
cool ideas
Ann is one of our
major layout
helps Cat
in many ways at the
store when she is there
And the man behind it all-----                                                  Cat's husband Ray.  
He also answers to TomCat,                                                  Cat Daddy, or Daddy
Cat. He tries to keep the girls in                                             line but it is a major
FUN PICS from CAT'S. . .
Our retreat offers outdoor dining with a beautiful view.  We also offer
entertainment you would never expect---ELVIS showed up at NSD in 2013 &
2014! Elvis loves Lance!
Our annual Build a House Benefit Crop to build houses for the ladies &
their families in Kenya is always a great time and we manage to raise money
to build 8 houses for 2 years in a row! Scrappers are people with HEART!
Class Area is on the other side of
the Crop Area in the same building
The new building has even MORE
crop room!
We have MOVED to our
NEW location further
down the street
towards downtown.
Directions below. Our
new address is
414 SE
1st Street.
See ya there!
From the Old Location: Pass the old location and stay in the left lane. Turn left at SE 4th Avenue (just past
Bank of America).  Cross over 1st Street (HWY 180E). Stay on SE 4th Avenue. You will see a building that
says DENTIST. We are the next building. You can park on SE 4th Avenue and walk through the breezeway to
the front door or you can turn into the parking lot in the back (via the one way street to the right) and park in
the back to come up the ramp to the side door.
From Downtown:  Turn onto 180 going east. This is also SE 1st St.  Go past Penny's Flower Shop, past the
black building to the next side street on the right, SE 4th Avenue.  Turn Right. Park just to your right. You
will see the breezeway between the buildings. You can park on that side or park in the back of the yellow
and black buildings on the right and come in the side door.
Cat's photo albums from our crazy events are in our Shutterfly Share Album.  
click here to see them. We do believe in having FUN while we CREATE!

Have a Safe and Happy
Independence Day